Greetings All,

My name is Aris and I conceived this page to hopefully be a place that inspires you to think.  You may not agree with all, or any of my opinions and views here, but that’s not the point.  If I can open your mind to something new through my writing, it would thrill me.  But, if I can make you test the real foundation of your own opinion by offering a different point of view and maybe peel away some of the superficial ideas that today’s insatiable 24/7 news cycle fills by repeating the same tired views and opinions wrapped in ever-catchier headlines, then I will feel like I have achieved something great. 


I have always been in awe of those great thinkers that managed to influence and move humanity ahead.  Teachers of philosophy like Plato and Aristotle, shapers of science and mathematics like Albert Einstein and Archimedes, renaissance men like Leonardo Da Vinci, and the great speakers that inspired legions into action like Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King, and yes, even our present day Barack Obama, just to name a few. With the tiny pool of information and collective knowledge that most of these thinkers had to draw from, they came up with ideas that still shape our world today. Our democracy, our security, medicine, technology and many other pillars of our society can be traced to these grand minds and many others whose unifying quality is that they took the time to think about what plagues us and opened one mind at a time.  They helped lead us on our journey forward.  They were not always right, but they at least opened the doors of discussion that inspired others to improve on their thoughts and ideas.


Now we live in an ultra-fast-paced world of technology and multitasking.  Time has become a dwindling luxury in our hectic lives and taking the time to just stop and truly think about things has become the exception, not the rule. We seem to have relegated ourselves to following the future, not setting its course.  Just imagine if we start not only using the epic source of information and social interaction at our fingertips, but also once again exercise that magnificent core of our consciousness residing between our ears.  Thoughts become actions and spark invention, they are ideas that begin in a pure state of innocence and quickly become darkened or enlightened by the character of our being.  I strongly believe that predominately our collective character bends towards the light and I know fate will be obligated to comply if we rise to its relentless challenge and dare ourselves to first imagine the greatness and wonders that are out there just waiting to be discovered. We just have to unchain our minds and step onto the new path that we unveil together.


I found my inspiration and my voice during the years I spent blogging about politics and Barack Obama during his historic race to the White House. Once I started writing, I was encouraged and motivated to continue by the heartfelt comments of so many wonderful people. It felt like I was making a real difference in some small way.  I started submitting articles to a few publications because I felt compelled to continue to speak out and the magic and intensity of that election proved to me that the world is thirsty for change.  I felt obligated to share what I see and offer my perception on how these things will affect us all in the long run.  My submissions that made it out of the slush pile were met with answers like, great story, but it doesn’t fit the agenda of our editorial calendar at the moment – or it was too long, or too short.  Basically, conform or be silenced.  


No more.  This is my domain and I am the judge, jury and executioner here.  If it takes me 3000 words or more to convey an idea, so be it.  If it takes me just 10, that works too.  If I think something needs to be said, I’ll say it and happily open a fresh can of worms.  I will do my best to be accurate with the facts, but please bear in mind that I don’t have a team of researchers at my disposal, so I will be counting on you to bring any grievous errors on the fact front to my attention.  I also don’t have an editor, so my apologies in advance for any overlooked grammatical and syntax errors.  I’m sure I will make some mistakes and I may even occasionally dangle my participle for all to see.


Your ideas, comments and input on my articles and my blog are welcomed.  I don’t mind contradicting opinions, but what will not be tolerated on my site is belligerence, bigotry, or any attempt to demean or belittle another individual posting here because they are of a different opinion or background than you are.  Anything I deem as a transgression will be purged by me on sight.  This is not a place for ideas that find their foundation born from blind hatred.  This is a place for like-minded and open-minded people to unite.  This is a place where the best virtues of mankind like strength, forgiveness, temperance, valor and righteousness reign supreme. This is a place where the wisdom of the past meets the realities of the present and the possibilities of the future.  We do have the power to shape the history of tomorrow to our will… but only if we do it together.


So, I welcome you to become unchained with me to pursue our common goals and aspirations.  I invite you to wield with me the universal and mighty power of hope. Let us work together and create a new world of tolerance, peace and prosperity for all. One person can make a difference, but a united people – that’s an unstoppable force.

*** Donations and/or writing jobs greatly welcome 🙂

7 Responses to “Welcome to the Unchained”

  • Nathalie:

    Hi Aris 🙂

    Congratulations and well done! Looking forward to reading more of your compelling articles.

  • Peter:

    Aris you are a savior to humanity. Your inspispiration regarding our present situation is enormously beneficial for those that seek direction
    Congratulations on your site & foresight…

  • Daniel McKernan:

    Very nice welcome page Aris. I’ve got you bookmarked now so your site will only be a click away. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • Tijen:

    I think, you write beautifully. Your choice of words and writing style have the ability to resonate the required action to unite us all. I look forward to reading more of your work 🙂 In the mean time, here’s to the continuing hope of excellerating the rate of human consciousness.


  • AthenaG:

    Hi Aris! Congratulations and best wishes for a new and successful writing career. Looking forward to networking since I am also an aspiring writer. Cheers! 😀

  • Dr. Vigilance:

    Dear Aris,
    Wishing you well with a reawakened quest for enlightening the public. Political concerns of extreme importance deserve Thomas Paine-style enlightenment.
    Your refreshing eloquence, rare insight and bold pronouncements remain right on target. You have the ability to glimpse evidence not readily apparent to the interested but casual observer. Sometimes Quixotic, always rich in imagery and invariably, strikingly thought-provoking! Yours is an invaluable contribution to today’s political “conversation.”

  • Aris:

    Dr. Vigilance,
    Thank you so much for your powerful and eloquent comment, and of course, your well received donation 🙂 It’s been a long time since anyone commented on my blog, so I must say, it was nice to see one again 🙂

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